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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dee-1 " The One Man Army "


In one sentence, for the people who don't know Dee-1 and his very one of a kind speak, Dee-1 is the definition of a man on a mission to change lives. This led me to ask him to describe his passion which he calls, “One Man Army“   He told me  “The One Man Army” movement is his way of “ empowering people to strive to full- fill their purpose in life, and to be comfortable in their own skin!” Like a teacher’s syllabus, his lyrical lesson plan is unmatched, his rhymes are clean to the ears of the youth, his Flow is graceful yet gifted and he truly lets loose some heat from the soul.

One Man Army

As a person Dee-1 is a role model, and just all-around good people, and as an artist he is a welcomed breath of freshness in a society where positive influences are becoming increasingly hard to find. You will be hearing from him in the near future if you haven't already! 

I'm On it

Check him out @Dee-1music on twitter

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Joe Average - Hello & Smile (EP)

Joe Average - Hello & Smile (EP)

My EyEgasams are Unforgettable!

Here is Some Visual Stimulation  Enjoy 

A Video full of Crazy - Dirty Smurf Feat. Warrbuckss

Can't Tell Me (OKC Remix) -Dirty Smurf feat. Warrbuckss

Dirty Smurf born as Johnny Q. Feb. 22,1988 1st found his love for music at the age of 3.Born into a life of music at the age of 13 he started battling a lot of artist in the 7 grade. Making a name on the north & west side of South Bend,Indiana as the freestyle king. Then pressuring his friends to start rapping more would caused team battles. Winning all his battles would start to spread his name all through out the city. Before the age of 15 he started to battle grown men between the age of 21-30. Recording his 1st track "The Real" made him really shine in the streets. Also getting a lot of radio play at the age of 16 would start to spreading his name into Michigan. Then at the age of 17 Dirty Smurf would start producing beats & start his own recording label "Drama GanG Fam Records". Joined by close friends making beats and recording songs Prentiss Powell would push Dirty Smurf to get serious .Dirty Smurf joined teams with Young Convict to build a studio. By doing that gave him time to start his 1st mix tape What Da Hood Made Me Vol.1.This mix tape was released on February 16,2007 and it was flooding the streets.Featuring a few other well know local artistes would help Dirty Smurf name become well know all over Indiana. A few artistes was starting to take shots at Dirty Smurf but he manged to stay focus and continue to drop mix tapes.In 2008 he worked with Da Ryno,Spark Dawg,Chalie Boy and Jokaman. This what a great opportunity for him to create a buzz in Texas. He joined an independent label in Philadelphia by the name of M-Ville helped him get his name in the tri-state area. Leaving M-Ville in 2008 Dirty Smurf was offered a few major recording contracts but he turned them down to build his own independent label. Moving to Oklahoma city,Oklahoma in 2009 he would pick up a few artistes helping him build the label strong and making him who he is today. Dirty Smurf is still making music hoping to make it to the top of the hip hop billboard charts 1 day.  (From the Facebook page of Dirty Smurf )

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Music I Fucks With, You Should Too!

Growing Younger - @MoufpeceDaRippa - 2012 - Tats & Hoodies #DTEMG #TREELIFE 

Its The Rippa and it's Fuckin Dope!