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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Videos and Music News

Random Video clips pieced together with "Organic Panic" by Warrbuckss feat. L-Smooth and Joe Average from the album "Nocturn" & Just the Tip "The Collection"

DEE-1 live 5-5-12 in OKC

Tulsa Fans the 18th of May @ the TREEHOUSE

 Rittz Is The Hottest Artist in the Game and live at 1310 Lounge (Kamps) in OKC 5-20

Friday, April 13, 2012

#YFAN - HOT NEW Single! Rob Stovall feat MOUFPECE DA RIPPA

#YFAN (Single)  R.O.S.S. 1 Project
Hosted By @KaiserNOkc | FREAKSho Ent.

#YFAN Get It Today!
Listen And Download link below 

                        #YFAN - Rob Stovall (Feat). Moufpece Da Rippa | R.O.S.S. 1 Project

                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Listen And Download^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
                                             ^^^^^^^^^Click the link up above^^^^^^^^^^^
 The First Single Off of the R.O.S.S. 1 Mix-tape, #YFAN ! Rob Stovall and @Moufpecedarippa have a unique blend of styles, and is a perfect track to introduce the best and most lyrically creative artists in Oklahoma City! Rob Stovall on the Beat, Moufpece Da Rippa and Rob with the Heat! R.O.S.S 1 will be the 405 coming out party to the world of Rap/Hip-Hop music! Enjoy Contact for all artist info and contacts!

Monday, April 9, 2012


                        Apollo Lane  : Tape Head  

Apollo Lane, The 24 year old Audio Artist, Is a beast on the Beats!
Music producer, Apollo Lane started making music at age 9 on basic computer programs, He soon progressed to workstations and other sequencers. At 13, he began recording music, Starting out with the basics like Cool Edit (Adobe Audition) and working his way up to Pro-Tools. Although Hip-Hop is his first love, he loves many genres and still finds himself creating inside and outside of that realm. Apollo attended S.A.E. Institute of Technology and earned his Audio Engineering Diploma Studying under Alan Shacklock, who has worked at Abbey Road Studio’s in London, since 1963. He try's to keep an open mind when it comes to all kinds of music and has studied many techniques over the years in order to deliver the best representation of his artistic ability. For the best Beats on the planet and/or any questions contact him at or 501-733-4610 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Opiate Free Now = 6 Years

My First Day

6 years  ago my 
Opiate Abuse ended on this day, and this song 
was a huge rock in letting me let free of the dependency on anyone besides myself to feel good each day! My First Day

Regret is something that i know nothing about , due to the person I am today, without each moment in my past going the exact way that it did, well i don't believe in what if's either!

The Life of the Old reminds the life of the New Daily, and its those pieces of the past, that are positive and will outlast! 

Wow it seems like it was just yesterday i was nodding out and needing a fix, now I'm just chilln and getting life lessons in a different mix!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Y.O. (Yung O) "So Real" [Official Music Video]

Y.O. (Yung O) "So Real" [Official Music Video]

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