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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dee-1 " The One Man Army "


In one sentence, for the people who don't know Dee-1 and his very one of a kind speak, Dee-1 is the definition of a man on a mission to change lives. This led me to ask him to describe his passion which he calls, “One Man Army“   He told me  “The One Man Army” movement is his way of “ empowering people to strive to full- fill their purpose in life, and to be comfortable in their own skin!” Like a teacher’s syllabus, his lyrical lesson plan is unmatched, his rhymes are clean to the ears of the youth, his Flow is graceful yet gifted and he truly lets loose some heat from the soul.

One Man Army

As a person Dee-1 is a role model, and just all-around good people, and as an artist he is a welcomed breath of freshness in a society where positive influences are becoming increasingly hard to find. You will be hearing from him in the near future if you haven't already! 

I'm On it

Check him out @Dee-1music on twitter